Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ew, Why Do We Want Singers to Perform When They're Sick?

     This is something I can't understand. For any other career (in a workplace that gives the slightest shit), if you're sick, you're able to stay home and rest up without being frowned upon. Why is it different for singers?
     This rule should apply to singers especially. I can't think of anyone's performance being more affected by a strep throat than a singer's, yet they tour and play shows while sick as hell, endangering the long-term health of their voice, all because the fans refuse to believe their idols are human.
     Miley Cyrus, who tried (and failed) to continue a tour in spite of her strep throat, was christened a "trooper" by CelebTV:

     Miley ended up running off stage during the middle of her performance of "7 Things" at her Salt Lake City concert to her doctors in the back. She ended up having to cancel the tour anyway, and probably postponing the healing of her throat. She should have just postponed the tour.   
     Seriously, CelebTV, did you really have to call her a trooper? Why do we encourage this? It's dangerous to sing with a sore throat and it sounds awful, no matter how good the singer is.  Proof:

     Seriously, I would have preferred Demi to lip-synch in that condition, and on a TV show it's perfectly appropriate. Unfortunately, lip-synching is massively frowned up even in situations where it's the better choice. We just can't stand to think that our idols aren't invincible.
     Performing while legitimately sick is stupid, dangerous to vocal health and annoying. Remember, "If it hurts to swallow, don't sing!" Let's stop encouraging it, please?

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